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What is an Aussiedoodle like?


The Aussiedoodle is a breed that is a cross between the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle. The hopes is too take the best traits of both breeds and combine them for a wonderful family dog. Aussiedoodles come in standard, minature and toy sizes. Their coat is soft and managable and comes in any shade that an Australian Sheperd comes in.  They have very low to nonshed coats.  Regular brushing is reccomended but they can also be shaved down a few times a year to keep their hair maintained.  It will grow back just as thick and full!

The Aussiedoodle is known for its sociable and loving nature as well as its intelligence. This dog is quite easy to train because of this. Their endearing nature makes them an excellent pet, particularly for individuals who are looking for a loving companion. Training is essential with this breed not because this breed has behavior problems but rather because they love to have a job to do and may have a tendency to find one on their own if not provided with one, such as playing ball, etc. When trained, the Aussiedoodle will follow an owner’s directions quite well. They are very loyal and will be content playing with their owner or simply lying at their feet. The Aussiedoodle tends to get along well with children and will make a good family pet, particularly when well trained. In addition, this breed of dog is known to get along well with other animals, especially those that it has been raised with.

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