This is Winnie.  She is our NSDR and CKC registered blue merle with rust toy Australian Shepherd.  She is the biggest sweetheart we have ever owned.  She is like our fourth child of the house because we are so in love with her.  She acts almost human at times and is incredibly smart.  She was trained very easily.  She is very calm not being extremely high strung like aussies can sometimes be. Winnie is one of the most loyal dogs you will ever meet.  She lets me know when someone is at the door but always greets them with a smile.  She spends most of the day following me around the house and the rest of the day snuggling on the couch.  She loves all people and gets along great with other dogs.  She is a very confident girl.  She has been a wonderful mother too her babies showing enough protection and care to keep them safe and healthy but also letting everyone who comes over meet and enjoy them.  Winnie is a smaller girl at only about 15lbs and she is not very tall just solid.  Her aussiedoodle babies have been beautiful inside and out just like her!


Bugsby is our AKC and CKC registered toy poodle.  He is white with two cute red spots over both of his eyes.  He is about 10lbs.  Bugsby is our watch dog.  He is the first one to let us know when someone is at the door!  He is a sweet little guy who has never met a stranger.  He is a higher energy guy and loves to play and have a good time!  He is our little clown and makes us laugh with his goofy antics.  He has already produced some gorgeous and hilarious acting babies that people are falling in love with!


This is Harper our CKC registered female. Harper is our newest addition to the family! Harper has a sweet temperament and just loves to be around people. She has one gorgeous blue eye and is a unique dark chocolate merle color. We just love this sweet girl and are excited for her first litter of puppies!


This is Annie. Annie is an NSDR registered blue merle Toy Australian Shepherd. Annie is a very sweet little girl. Annie is a very smart girl, and was easy to train. She is very good with our other dogs and gets along well with everyone. She loves to run outside and play with everyone. Annie is a great mom to her babies. Annie herself is a small girl, around 12 lbs in size. 

Puddles - retired


This is Puddles.  He is a CKC and ACA registered rare SilverBeige and White Tuxedo Parti toy poodle.  He is owned by one of my best friends and he is one of her main stud dogs.  The best way to describe puddles is that he's a little snuggle bug. We have not met a person he doesn't like.  He hops from lap to lap looking for attention from anyone that will give it too him.  If he is not getting the attention he wants, he will rub up on your leg like a cat. He is such a good boy who listens well and is very smart.  We couldn't be happier with the personality of this little guy.  Toy poodles can be a little rambunctious and sometime shy.  He is exactly the opposite of this.  He spends most of his day napping.  He is also very confident and is not intimidated by strangers or by any other animals.   Puddles is a tiny boy at only 7 lbs.  He has very soft hair.   We know he will pass on his sweet qualities to his babies.  Puddles is a proven stud and has thrown several colors in solids, partis, and abstracts.  He produces gorgeous toy babies!  Puddles is health tested clear for both PRA and DM and is registered with the OFA.

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